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The Highest Quality and Rugged Style in the Industry!

ELev8 Off Road is a USA manufacturer of high end Jeep and Bronco  components for Jeep Wrangler JT and JL, Jeep Gladiator as well as Bronco SUVs. 

ELev8 Off Road's Maryville Factory

At our new Maryville factory we don't cut corners. We are perfectionist! OUR COMMITMENT is to provide you with Engineered and Manufactured Rugged Designs for your Jeep and Bronco with a SENSE OF STYLE!.

CNC - Computerized Numerical Control Stryker Off Road Design Plasma Cutter

Proven Precise Performance

Proven Performance

The Star Lab is MADE in the USA just like all of ELev8 Off Road's components. This Star Lab machine is an HSP (High speed plasma) platform that enables ELev8 the ability to handle ALL kit fabrication completely local in Maryville TN.


We take MADE IN AMERICA seriously.  

Mass Production with USA Steel on premise at  Stryker Off Road Design in Maryville, TN USA!

Proven Mass Production MADE TO ORDER process. 

The Star Lab CNC Plasma Cutter has enabled ELev8 Off Road the ability to shorten the lead time from the initial purchase to end customer delivery This Plasma CNC platform produces build to order brackets for ELev8's craftsman welders and machinist. They can turn your kit promptly and without error. Welding, bending, finishing, powder coat and assembly are ALL handled in the USA!  ELev8's ability to control ALL fabrication completely local in Maryville, TN is our key to your 100% satisfaction LIFETIME guarantee on our hardware.

Tommy Hydraulic Press BrakeELev8's EXPERT STEEL FABRICATION!

Of course when you are as passionate about quality control as ELev8, having local steel fabrication such as this Industrial Tommy Press Brake is an absolute MUST! Tommy Industrial® hydraulic press brakes provide exceptional performance by utilizing high quality components, resulting in a precise machine that delivers accurate bends EVERYTIME.

ELev8 Craftsman Jeep Control Arm Welders

ELev8 takes great pride in the work the local Maryville Craftsman welders put into your lift components. We realize the you have entrusted us your investment and more importantly your safety.

These components will withstand the rugged treatment that your Jeep Wranglers, Gladiators and Broncos will experience. Every weld they make keeps that commitment in focus.. 

Made in America with USA Steel and a LIFETIME* warranty!  

Stryker Jeep Control Arms are made in the USA ELev8 Jeep Wrangler Gladiator Control Arm Lifetime Warranty


We take YOUR Satisfaction seriously.


* Warrant excludes powder coat and bushings.

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